About Us



With a combined 55+ years of experience in residential and commercial real estate appraisal services provided, between the two primary appraisers of Phillips Appraisals, Inc. We are prepared to handle your appraisal needs.   

Larry E. Phillips

Larry, who holds a Certified General Certification for appraising in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia and completed his first appraisal in 1973. 

He has worked in both the public and private sector over the past 44 years.     

Larry Specializes in: 

  • Commercial,  
  • Litigation,  
  • Conservation Easement,  
  • Condemnation  
  • Unique Property Appraisals   

Landon E. Phillips

Landon, who holds a Certified Residential Certification for appraising in North Carolina and Tennessee and has been in the appraisal industry since 2003. 

Working mainly in the private sector for the past 14 years he comes from a varied background of experience dealing with construction and other various types of work.

 Specializes in: 

  • High-End/High Value  Residential, 
  • Large Acreage,  
  • Green/High Performance housing, 
  • Unique Property,  
  • Litigation,  
  • Consultation services  
  • Licensed FAA UAS/Drone Pilot.     

Our Goal as Appraiser's

Phillips Appraisals, Inc. was started in 2006 as a family owned company. Having our name on the business makes us work hard for our reputation both locally and within the appraisal industry. 

We started the company with the commitment that “if our name is going to be on the wall, we have to provide quality work to our clients”   

We have two other appraisers within the company both Certified Residential Appraisers in North Carolina and one of them holds a Virginia Certified Residential certification also.   

Our goal is to provide credible quality work to our clients in a timely manner.